Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spiritual Practices

From the beginning of history human beings have wanted to be perfect. The desire to bring them this excellent study the various aspects of life dir. Almost all cases, they learn the outside world and try to achieve peace and happiness through the objects, worldly objects. They realize that not a problem of how many objects they have. Therefore, they are still not take pride. According to the verse of the Upanishad lies in the lasting achievement of perfection in mind.

Spiritual perfection can be achieved through increasing the restrictions on the burden themselves, and through the natural form of the right of the atman. Eternal, infinite, and free from all restrictions. Upanishad teachers have to pray to ask God not to worldly enjoyment. But for spiritual enlightenment. Two of them are found in the Upanishad, "Take care me out of that is not real to something real, Take care me out of the darkness to enlightenment, Take care me out of death to immortality.". This illustrates the desire of all the fine human beings. Fulfillment lies in the creation of a balance between spiritual and worldly life. The creation of harmony between the two aspects of life is called Sadhana.

During a spiritual practice does not have separated from their families, their relatives or the community. He can not and does not need to leave things as something that was no longer belong. The desire to deny the owner of the material is a secular sign of ego and stupidity. Objects from the world that belongs to God and is a tool to be used or used as a tool to discover the existence of God. Throughout someone using worldly objects as a means to achieve the highest worldly then he can not be filled with that object.

According to the Bhagavad Gita Uphanishad and that means the rejection of life in the world despite living in the top. To achieve this perfection now someone should come some spiritual discipline for someone without practice can not achieve control of the change resourceful mind. Except when the mind is intellect in a concentration of students can not open the inner ability. Intellect is the mind causes bondage and redemption. Resourceful mind that can help concentrate people into and unveil the mysteries of inner life. Instead intellect does not mind the discipline into unruly still failed to reach an understanding so that the form of natural objects in the right temporal.

All this happens because the natural form of thought. Therefore, the intellect is the mind of the factors most important in spiritual practice. Furthermore, how can you control the mind is intellect?

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