Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brazil Must be Patient Against the U.S.

To back the hope, the U.S. must stand champion Brazil beat or at least counterbalance. Thus, in the fight against Egypt can still be a maximum. Brazil who came from South Africa squad this time is the essence of the world Cup. They are the perfect. Although the initial fight hard enough against Egypt. However, coach Carlos Dunga is to learn a lot from there. If Ricardo Kaka and his friends do not want to lose the honor, must always focus throughout the match. Dunga said that must be escaped to semifinal. All must focus since the match to kick off until the end of the fight. Former Brazilian national team captain said that the level of difficulty facing the U.S. does not vary as time against Italy.

They are a team filled with hard workers. To win we must be patient and consistent play for 90 minutes. The key to success is that we need to change the tempo and take advantage of wide field. Playing at Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria, the U.S. seems to act as host. At the beginning of the fight against Italy the match was held in the same stadium. They further recognize the characters and every corner of the stadium field. Points can make the game a maximum of Brazil compared to the new play in this field.

Bradley is not a coach does not realize that the Samba team can be more serious rather than Italy. Historical record in the last 13 meetings the U.S. is able to win only one time. Brazilian soccer style that tends to attack the prime must be anticipated if the wicket does not want Howard penetration many goals. Bradley is ready to change the scheme of the main players. For example, change the formation so that the line of defense can muffle aggressive Robinho. Means against Brazil The Yanks will play more defensive. Italy 3-1 victory over the U.S. make squad Marcello Lippi was in the right track. They intend to increase the time against Egypt in Johannesburg.

Our target is to win the game. We want to prove that we still football country in the highest level such as the national team was represented. GLI Azzurri play good fight in the first versus the U.S.. Appreciation is given to the many special play maker Andrea Pirlo on the side of the duet Giuseppe Rossi and Daniel de Rossi. Pirlo run perfectly function. Giuseppe print two goals in a goal from De Rossi.

Players 30 years into the attacker Azzuri in the middle line. With the ability to share bolanya although many do not run, Pirlo blossom into key players who are very dangerous. Cassagrande that Pirlo does not play football. He played the other sports. Pirlo has a unique ability to show best. Even when feeling tired mind began to descend at the end of the fight. Pirlo the best capability needed Lippi. Especially during the second fight against Egypt.

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