Wednesday, June 24, 2009

South Africa against Brazil

South Africa against Brazil in the semifinal, Will be lucky Bafana side in the others is not South Africa? South Africa against Brazil, if in comparing the power differ greatly. This was when South Africa the match against Brazil at the team's 0-2 defeated by Brazil. However, achieving this far South Africa squad Joel Santana has been quite impressive. Of three times they win the game one time, one time series, and a one-time losers. The result was enough to see off a friend and Mokoena team to knock out phase. Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg will be a witness Bafana's performance this time. The market is placing their bets on the position of Underdog. His face is a champion at the same time survive favorite team is the tournament champion in four years. But coach Joel Santana of Brazil accidental origin also have set up special slicing to attack muffle the Samba not allowed Ricardo Kaka.

Brazil is one of the world's best team. Be the best in all. But Carlos Dunga will not give up just so. The one team will try to muffle their attacks. When a strong team, Bafana line of defense relatively easily penetrated the opponent attacker. As time against Spain in their final fight is very difficult for the wave of attacks that Matador not allowed Xavi Hernandez and a friend team. Lucky penetrated only two goals.

Brazil can be said is equivalent to the Spanish. This means that do not want to repeat the mistakes Santana could be in line by closing the hole behind the team. Santana is planning to put the fullback who double work. In addition to maintaining the bunker at the same time meeting helps prepare attacks. However, the team wonder if South Africa will do little to attack. They should concentrate on defense while doing some time behind the attack through the long pass.

Fanteni will be plot possibility as lone striker. Bafana to face Brazil attitude as a party must be final. Not penetrated many goals are already successful. And who will suspect if 'goddess Fortuna' home to deliver them to the top of the party. Meanwhile, Brazil coach Carlos Dunga is not as many players and change the composition and typical patent scheme Samba. Playing since the kick-off did not give the opponent the opportunity to develop the game. Trainer 45 years know that many if Santana Samba team knows the game. But with a more superior in all, Dunga be optimistic Luis Fabiano and his friends have a lot of tricks to the South African defense.

Dunga also have more options in rotating players. For example, can optimize the new stars that Samba Nilmar or Ramires. Of course if the situation has not been properly secured. Dunga prefer to arrange starting line up with the more experienced players. We are waiting whether Brazil will continue to go to the top. South Africa or the overhaul of the top fortune remove survive.

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