Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ways to Go Green

The drastic weather changes and erratic that is triggered by the existence of global warming felt more recent years this. Damage to the ozone layer have caused the increase in temperature from hot sun to thaw a layer of ice mountains, and lead to the bad weather happens everywhere


People of the world compete ago off the campaign "Green Go". Invites all people to care about the fate this beloved earth. But what we can do to save the earth's problems are so severe this?

Relax. You can participate in the scope of most small first. One of them, so in the workplace. Start from yourself. From kubikel (work table) on your own. See only the things you can do to support the save the planet earth!

Save Paper
In work matters, the paper seems to not be separated from day-to-day needs. For example, to make reports to superiors, preparing meeting materials and meeting weekly in the office. One of you can do individually is to have awareness first to use paper money. If you do not need to print them on paper, no better. Use only paper that has been used not used again for your use.

Keep you prepare first presentation of the material you need as a draft so that no need to repeat the mistakes that lead to waste paper is useless. Choose first job are paper and need not.

Take and Eat Own Use Tools
When the office is available in glass-glass plastic, plastic plates, spoons, or plastic spoons to use as a food and beverage equipment at lunch, start to not use them again. Eliminate habits using plastic goods onetime earlier.

Start at this time, take place to eat, a glass or mug, fork and spoon-own from home. Use cutlery that can be washed and used again. This is to help you make saving the earth from destruction, with no more use of plastic equipment.

Save Water Use
Are you including the type of person who don't care about use water? Well, now is time to change this bad habit. May still be many of your colleagues not take a headache when using tap water in the pantry or office toilet. Try to note, you may never find the tap water is not a closed meeting, so that water will still continue to.

Similarly in the toilet. Use the small flush if you dispose of urine, and large buttons for defecate. Close the faucet with the meeting, so that no water waste vain again. Be aware when using the toilet, so no hot-tap is broken. When you find the tap water has broken, where the future will only be a waste of water, let the management flee the building where you work so quickly improved.

Energy Saving Your Computer
Government through a proposed public service to turn off lights when not in use. Turn off the computer or other electronic equipment when not in use. To the computer, setting it to the status-"sleep" in order to save the use of electricity or laptop computers to 70 percent. Do not forget, if you are not required, it is not necessary to use a screen saver on your computer screen, the screen saver because it causes waste of energy.

If you want to leave the office for lunch, a meeting, or meetings that require a long time in the office, it's good just turn off your computer.

Plants love
Plants have the ability to absorb air pollution and help generate fresh oxygen that is required by life in this world. Therefore, at least one pot small plants that you can put in kubikel now. While you work in air-conditioned rooms, pollution still occurs. Small plants in the corner of the table can absorb pollution evil that scattered around the work place environment.

Go Green Be pioneer
Once you have successfully done a few small actions that are useful in large part to prevent global warming expansion, inspirator be in your work environment. Give input to the division that regulates the purchase of equipment needs so that they work
start using the tools supporting the work environment-friendly and recyclable.

When your entire office motivated action go green do the same with you, can be, not, little of the world community, represented by the spirit you have to take part to save planet Earth from destruction due to global warming. Take a step and show you care attitude to the environment from now, and do not wait any longer!

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