Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hog Flu Become Threat for All People

To date, the WHO's world health body did not know about the origin of the flu virus hog in Mexico. It is not derived from pigs because the pigs have not found the virus fell ill. Even in the case of Mexico does not begin in the case of swine influenza. Epidemic cases in the beginning that this case is not similar to the pigs.

No similar virus that can be experienced from the pigs and other animals. Possibility of hog flu virus that is spread from person to person in Mexico is a mixture of genetic information from the virus derived from humans, pigs and fowl.

During this time information circulating hog flu is influenza virus type A H1N1 with subtype virus that claimed the success of the pig isolate the virus in 1930 which is held in pigs. In Mexico, this flu virus claimed the origin of the pig, be more of cases in the United States. So strengthen the virus of the H1N1 virus in pigs. Although the virus is a mixture of virus H1N1 virus in humans, pigs, and poultry.

The virus is most likely to cause a potentially new virus that came from horses, cats, and dogs that have the influenza virus. Some hospitals have been working with the quarantine set up to handle all patients in the contagious swine flu were found in various airports. So hopefully if there is a patient suffering from the virus can be treated in isolation rooms.

In addition, the government began to distribute antiviral drugs and personal protection equipment (APP) to the health agencies and health facilities to anticipate the possible spread of swine influenza virus H1N1 new.

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