Friday, May 1, 2009

One of All Problem in the World

Countries around the world are currently being faced by a problem that affects all aspects of life on earth in the Global Warming (Global Warming). All the countries of the hemisphere middle of trying to overcome this problem. Such as organizing the Kyoto Protocol and also a conference that has not recently performed the Bali Action Plan. However, it seems there are many countries that have not been serious in overcoming this problem. Evidence, the Kyoto Protocol in 37 countries have committed to reduce carbon emissions an average of 5 percent. In fact, emissions would rise 16-25 percent from almost all the countries that previously have been committed in the conference.

So, why global warming can happen? What is the impact that can be caused by global warming to the whole country trying to overcome this? And what step - step we can do now as an effort to overcome the problems?

If we note that global warming is causing the temperature increase in the average atmosphere, land and sea, most likely because it increased the concentration of gas-greenhouse gases. Because the rest of the summer sun's energy that should go back to the sky rebounded in the earth's atmosphere due hoard the amount of greenhouse gases. Then, heat is rebounded to earth to an average temperature of the earth continues to increase yearly. Besides, there are several causes of the occurrence of global warming, such as feedback effects accelerate the evaporation of water and variations in the sun


There are two ways that can be applied to slow the increase in greenhouse gases. The first way is to prevent safe from gas with carbon dioxide to other places such as the well inject to oil wells to push oil out to the surface. Then the second and easiest way is to reduce carbon dioxide production with maintaining and improving the trees Does the entire land on earth.

Currently, there are many impacts that have been incurred due to global warming. First, changes in weather. This rainfall resulted in increased 1 percent in the world so that the storms will occur more often. Second, the increase in sea level. When the atmosphere still hot, the ice at the poles will melt become strained and so the greater volume of water and the sea level rise. In fact, higher sea level increase of 100 cm will drown the Netherlands 6 percent, and many islands. Third, damage to plant and animal habitat. Many animals migrate to the polar region or to the top of the mountain and the many plants that find new habitats due to habitat previously too warm. Fourth, human health unwell. Because, many people affected by the disease or died because of heat stress.

Therefore, the easiest steps we can do for now is to infuse a lot of trees. Because if we contemplation moment, at this time has many forests, because of the leafless trees of the large-scale without accompanied by replanting. For that, let us realize the environment and the Does not chop down trees recklessly. Start of self, family, friends, and community. Happy planting!

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