Thursday, April 23, 2009

Indosat StarOne CDMA BlackBerry

Indosat are entering the stage of finalization of cooperation with the vendor so that the BlackBerry network-based technology code division Multiple Access (CDMA), which used to be able to access StarOne BlackBarry.

Access using CDMA BlackBerry from the relatively no technical problem in the United States because BlackBarry the service is accessed via CDMA technology. Technically certainly can. Even the CDMA technology in native affairs in the data even if we temporary CDMA CDMA is only used with speed up to 153 kbps.

Indosat StarOne has only two channel in the frequency of 800 MHz. In the BlackBarry StarOne issued without additional charge. No additional investment because of the link use the same at this time. Indosat has a bandwidth of 20 Mbps for direct connection to the network Rim.

StarOne has 700,000 subscribers from 2.1 million of available capacity. Starone not have any particular target. Completeness only for dual-mode devices on the market. In addition, support has been BlackBarry access the CDMA network, among others, 8130, 8330, 8830, 8930, 9530. however, indosat fixed up the spare capacity of link is useful to ensure smooth connections for our customers. Indosat customers BlackBarry reach the 75,000 additional capacity will provide a link to the server Rim of 90 Mbps and 100 Mbps Indosat. When an urgent situation and the rim to give permission, then Indosat has been set up physical infrastructure capacity to support up to 90 Mbps.

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