Monday, April 27, 2009

The Law of Google Adsense

For application / registration Adsense is the first time, the Google Adsense need to evaluate your website, whether in accordance with the requirements. Website you can free website, how easy is that you create using the facilities Blog, is free.

There are many other health facilities Blog,, but there is under the patronage of Google, so it is possible to provide a positive influence if you use Blog. Like the other blog, you can create a blog for free the steps are easy.

Here are some of the requirements to get a Google Adsense Account, your site may NOT include matters under the this:

1. Website / Blog you must be in languages options available in the Google Adsense (al English, German, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Japan, China, Korea)

2. Pornography, the things about the sexual relationship (how, services, sales or product / equipment / drugs, etc.).

3. Words obscene

4. Violence, solicitation / solicitation to distinguish the treatment of RAS / Ethnic / class / collection of a certain.

5. Ways Hacking and Cracking

6. About the medicine-drug / Drugs

7. MP3, Video, Image and newsgroups (gambar2) because of the Copy Right

8. Casino or Gambling

9. The ads are too much (exaggerated)

10. Illegal activity / that is not allowed

11. Pop-Up or the appearance of the view that can disrupt ads from Google

12. Sales of weapons, ammunition, weapons sharp.

13. Sales of liquor / alcohol

14. Cigarette sales

15. Sales of Drugs with Recipes

16. Sell / promote products, imitation

17. Contain keyword (keywords - will be and) excessive or repeated in the re - content and form of the code.

18. Manipulate the content or structure of the web for ranking in Search (Search Engine)

19. Contains incentives so that visitors to click ads, follow / take the survey,

20. Visitors ask to download a certain program first so that your website can appear.

If the above requirements before the need is owned website That you received by Google Adsense, then under this have some important requirements after you received; namely how advertising is Google Adsense:

1. Prohibited from installing the Google ads on the page blank.

2. Prohibited from installing the Google ads along with other ads way so that visitors make confuse between ad from Google and not from the Google.

3. Prohibited from installing the Google ads on the page or website have exactly the same as the contents page or other website.

4. Prohibited the ad format Google / Google Search / Referral button.

5. Do not click on Google ads in the web of your own. Google will know this. Click-click is not invalid will be calculated in the acquisition.

6. Prohibited from using the software program to automatically clicks on Google ads.

7. Intermediaries are prohibited from making media when visitors click on Google ads / Google Search / Referral button with the next page that appears appropriate standard Google.

Violations of these things (after you are approved as AdSense Publisher) can lead to your account in the "ban-ed" by Google. But as you see, the above requirements not hard to follow.

Other requirements to note:

Adsense account can not be transferred to another person. If you register a website and then move the manager (again not you), the new manager can not move Adsense account is registered on your behalf will be name (new manager).

You must first close the account Adsennse your manager and then register a new page adsense account on the website was that you have it.

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