Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Commemorates Earth Welfare

Earth Day is commemorated on 22 April every year marks the birth of a day so changes to the environmental awareness movement in the year 1970. Earth Day was born on the initiative of a United States senator, Gaylord Nelson. At that time he conducted a national protest against the political environment-related problems. He urged that the issues are included in the national agenda.
Gaylord Nelson started the struggle of more than 7 years before the first Earth Day.

Initially, Gaylord hopes to achieve through the imagination that made the visit to the Kennedy presidency eleven states in September 1963, but with some reason the visit is not able to bring environmental issues into the national agenda. Gaylord continued efforts made to realize the idea.
After a tour of Kennedy, Gaylord conduct their own campaigns to some of the state. In all corners of the country, evidence of environmental degradation occurs everywhere. All the people realize it, except the political.

Finally in the summer 1969 Gaylord know that the action of anti-war demonstration Vietnam has spread widely through universities across the country. From there he got the idea to do the same in campaign environment. He chose the bottom in the protest action against environmental damage. At a Seattle conference in September 1969, Gaylord announced a demonstration nationally in spring 1970 on behalf of the environment and everyone is invited to participate. After that, various letters, telegraph, telephone and flow of the entire country.

American citizens finally find a forum to care top of quality land, rivers, lakes, and air in their environment. On 30 November 1969 New York Times reported the occurrence of increased awareness of environmental activities throughout the country especially in the campuses and a warning to the environmental problems are designed to spring for a future coordinated by Senator Gaylord Nelson.
This is a proof of the success of the struggle in the Gaylord Nelson as an environmental issue of the national agenda.

On 22 April 1970, the approximately 20 million U.S. residents come down to the street and meet a number of parks and auditorium for campaign health and environmental sustainability.
Thousands of students gathered against environmental damage. Groups who have long opposed any oil spillage in the environment, factories and power plants causes pollution, poor channel disposal, discharge of hazardous materials, pesticides, road safety, loss of wilderness, and the extinction of the wild life of togetherness on the struggle of their people.

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