Monday, June 15, 2009

Solution of Free Radicals

On the previous occasion I have been discussing about free radicals. At this time I will discuss about how the solutions to overcome free radicals. In general, people need all the antioxidants that can be found in grape seed extract. Grape seed (grape seed) contain polifenol or proantioksianidin to 95% and made a very strong antioxidants. However, the safe daily consumption - because it comes from the days of nature. Property other than grape seed trusted by the world medical and health have also been known since hundreds of years ago. Even the people of Egypt and the ancient Greek wine has been consumed to cure disease.

Especially individuals who have a pattern of life is not healthy (rarely exercise, the activity is too heavy, often rely on the consumption of fatty, high stress levels, and excess body weight) is require supplements antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals. Especially for individuals who have the close relationship of the disease diabetes, coronary heart and cancer, requires a very grape seed extract to combat the disease degeneration.

Grape seed extract is known in the United States and Europe for the treatment and prevention of disease - a chronic disease degeneration. In addition, Japan is one of the countries that have very intense use grape seed extract. Grape seed extract is known more in Europe in 1970 through French Paradox which states that people of France. Although the pattern of eating lots of fat contains relatively risk exposure has affected the risk of disease degeneration far lower than in other nations (which consume less fatty foods) because of their habit to drink wine regularly.

What are the property of grape seed extract?

* Prevent tumor cell growth and cancer
* Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease caused by the stoppage of blood vessel to the heart because LDL oxidation (atherosclerosis)
* Prevent the aging early
* Improving the structure of HDL and LDL cholesterol
* To help maintain the power of vision, improving the lot of brain cells, reduce the complaint and possible consequences varicose veins in reducing chemotherapy side effects in particular.

How many grape seed extract the necessary body in a day?

1. 50 - 100 mg per day

We can keep the body level of antioxidants in the body in order to stay awake and have the endurance of the body against free radicals.

2. 150 - 300 mg per day

This option is recommended for the treatment of disease specific therapy.

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