Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Network Marketing

If you don’t know what Network Marketing is, it is a 50-year-old industry and has the highest residuality quotients of anything that I have shown to you or will show to you in this book. Network Marketing is just a way for businesses to distribute their products. It is:

• Person-to-person communication
• Establishing, building and nurturing relationships
• Marketing channel
• A different way of doing business
• Helping and serving other people
• A way of living: FREEDOM!
• Residual income at its best

Rather than using the customary distribution process that moves from manufacturer to warehouse to wholesaler to retailer to end customer, Network Marketing companies use a network of independent marketers to move the products directly from the manufacturer to the end customer.Any business methodology that is not in sync with the “norm” will always be considered a scam. Network marketing, however, is not a scam but a great way to produce residual income.

The independent marketers earn a percentage of the profit on all sales they make. While it's possible and highly recommended to earn an income by selling to customers directly, the real power of Network Marketing is that you are allowed to build a downline of other independent marketers below you, and earn a percentage of their combined sales.

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