Saturday, June 26, 2010

The "Big" in Round 16

Eight group consisting of Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E and Group M, Group G, Group H would be sending two teams that have been passed in the previous round from each respective group. Thus, the Fifa World Cup 2010 has completed the provision of eight group matches which have been formed. Group, most recently the Group H will be the last Group match at the same time that determines who will become his deputy. Below is a list that has passed sorted by the greatest score that has been achieved.

Group A
Uruguay and Mexico

Group B
Argentina and South Korea

Group C
United States and England

Group D
Germany and Ghana

Group E
Dutch and Japanese

Group F
Paraguay and Slovakia

Group G
Brazil and Portugal

Group H
Spain and Chile

With the match scheme that has been determined as below:

Winner Group A v Runner-Up Group B

Winner Group B v Runner-Up Group A

Winner Group C v Runner-Up Group D

Winner Group D v Runner-Up Group C

Winner Group E v Runner-Up Group F

Winner Group F v Runner-Up Group E

Winner Group G v Runner-Up Group H

Winner Group H v Runner-Up Group G

The results will appear in early July 2010.


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