Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free Radical

Free radicals are molecules that lose electrons, so that the molecule is harmful to try and take electrons from other molecules in sequence. From which the incidence of free radicals? Radical free in the body can be triggered by many things around us, among other
1.Asap cigarettes and motor vehicles
2.Ultraviolet radiance
3.Chemical in food and carcinogen element
4.Residual body metabolism

What will the consequences arising from the free radical chain reaction?

Oxidation stress relief. The situation does not equal on the amount of free radicals is too much and not balanced with a degree in antioxidants in the body. Medical literature shows that stress is the cause oxidation early harvest and the incidence of chronic diseases such as cancer, tumor, a malignant cyst, heart attack, diabetes (DM), hypertension, high cholesterol, the decline in kidney function, kidney failure, permanent damage to the liver and tuberculosis - tuberculosis and other diseases degeneration. Free radicals can also cause changes in the structure of DNA so that cells arise mutant in the long term can cause cancer and diseases of the heart. Can be difficult even said we could not keep our bodies in order to trigger sterile from free radicals because of factors triggered so many free radicals found in the environment around us.

Do we need to consume supplements antioxidants?

It is very necessary. Uterus at this time because the human body antioxidants obtained from our food a day - day not able to have more neutralize free radical attack because of the pattern of life level and the higher the pollution.

Free radicals do not cause direct effects. However, it will cause a chain reaction that result will appear in a matter of years to decades later. Tired quickly and easily early symptoms are sore from the attack of free radicals that we do not usually see. When diagnose often already gone too far free radical damage the body and cause disease degeneration.

When you read this article free radicals are the body of your prey. Find the solution in another article in this blog.

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